My Yard Our Message

Location:  Minneapolis, MN
Project Description: 

Yard signs are as ubiquitous and familiar to the American political landscape as baby-kissing and stump speeches, combining catchy images and pithy campaign slogans to increase visibility for vying candidates and their parties’ messages. In honor of the 2008 election season, My Yard Our Message turned the tradition of political ephemera on its ear with a unique national competition that placed the message and the creative design for political yard signs into the hands of artists. And then – in true democratic fashion – the general public voted among the entries to determine a selection of fifty winners, whose designs were made available to order as full-sized political yard-signs. The Walker Art Center and printed the winning yard sign creations and placed them in neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities metro area, including those immediately surrounding the site of the Republican National Convention. My Yard Our Message, a project conceived by Scott Sayre, was produced by the Walker Art Center and in collaboration with The UnConvention.