New Dialogues Initiative

Location:  Seattle, WA
Project Description: 

The New Dialogue Initiative is a multi-strategy program, including multi-sensory exhibits, that address community concerns and urgent needs about contemporary social issues and current news events, giving voice to underrepresented ideas and opinions from the Asian Pacific American community. New Dialogue desires to proactively initiate dialogues around key issues and needs in the community, and create a safe space for mindful, dynamic dialogues that advocate for community empowerment, establish leadership and action, and bring new levels of understanding through unique and creative presentations. The community and the visitor's voices through the dialogues are the focal point of the exhibits and programs. The format of each dialogue will vary, highlighting creativity and multi-sensory engagement. New Dialogue's goal is to bring together community members, artists, and other professionals to jointly shape and implement the programs. The Initiative strives to connect diverse people in the dialogues and create innovative ideas. As various members of the Asian Pacific American community collaborate on each program, our hopes are for the New Dialogue Initiative and the community itself to be transformed and strengthened.