Artist Statement: 

Gwylene GALLIMARD & Jean-Marie MAUCLET have worked for forty years independently and collaboratively in the field of visual arts in France, Canada and the States, receiving support from the Ministères De La Culture (Canada and France), the SC Arts Commission, Alternate Visions, Spoleto Festival, the Humanities Foundation, the Russell Foundation, the Puffin Foundation, Alternate ROOTS and the NEA. He a sculptor, she a multi media artist, they have evolved from creating art pieces strictly by the two of them, to managing two French cafés offering all the features of an art & socio-economic sustainability project, to rhizome-like activities, specific partnerships and creative art programs or challenging artistic approaches. Their most recent endeavors have involved neighborhoods, other artists and activists.  JEMAGWGA is the name of their collective (as in JEan-marie MAuclet and GWylene GAllimard).


68 Devereaux St
Charleston, SC29403
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