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Not In Our Town
Oakland, CA
Communities across the country use PBS documentary, Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness, as a springboard to find ways to prevent hate crimes and anti-immigrant violence. The film tells the story of residents of a Long Island village taking action after a local immigrant is killed in a hate crime attack by seven teenagers. While starkly revealing the trauma of hate, the film provides a blueprint for people who want to do something before intolerance turns to violence.
Not Quite White
Chicago, IL
Silk Road Rising’s Not Quite White: Arabs, Slavs, and the Contours of Contested Whiteness (24 min., 8 sec.), directed by Jamil Khoury and Stephen Combs, is a documentary film dedicated to a vision of whiteness that is anti-racist and rooted in economic justice. A documentary film that explores the complicated relationship of Arab and Slavic immigrants to American notions of whiteness. Not Quite White explores the complicated relationship of Arab and Slavic immigrants to American notions of whiteness.
Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture (NDCAC)
South Bend, IN
Our Story: Located within the West Washington National Historic Register District, the Center was built in 1925 as the Children’s Dispensary, where free and reduced medical care was available to families without financial resources. It was later named after the Dispensary’s founder, Dr. Charles Hansel. The facility has also served as a neighborhood center and as the administrative offices for Head Start. The building contains more than 10,000 square feet of space on two floors and nearly 4,000 square feet in the basement. 
O+ Festival
The O+ Festival is a three-day, community-run celebration of music and the arts. O+ participating artists barter their contributions in exchange for health care services from art-loving doctors, dentists, and other wellness providers at the O+ Clinic. In short, it’s a grassroots solution to offer healthcare for the creative community. By programming the festival’s art and music events in various venues, O+ supports and unites local businesses and residents, artists, musicians and doctors, strengthening the fabric of a community to make it stronger, more sustainable, and more vibrant. 
Oakland Museum of California
Oakland, CA
The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) seeks to connect communities to the cultural and environmental heritage of California. Through collections, exhibitions, education programs, and public dialogue, OMCA inspires people of all ages and background to think creatively and critically about the natural, artistic, and social forces that characterize the state of California and influence its relationship to the world. With a major renovation nearly completed in 2010, OMCA transformed its galleries touching on almost every aspect of the 300,000 square-foot museum.
OC Sign Company
Orange, CA
Occupy the Stage
New York, NY
The Forum Project is working with organizers at Occupy Wall Street to develop a Forum performance series developed and performed by a community of Occupiers. The performance itself would explore issues of oppression important to the Occupy movement and be a space for public theatrical dialogue to begin conversations around anti-oppressive engagement.
Occupy the Stage
Occupy the Stage is an interactive theatrical experience employing forum theater scenes to spark lively conversations and insightful critical analysis of complex issues of debt, the racial wealth gap, immigration and oppression of domestic workers and more. The performance itself would explore issues of oppression important to the Occupy movement and be a space for public theatrical dialogue to begin conversations around anti-oppressive engagement and democracy.
Occupy the stage NOLA
New Orleans, LA
  Occupy the Stage is a branch of Occupy NOLA that is dedicated to artists and artisans. We are committed to the belief that the arts and skilled trades are sacred. They belong to the people and are immune to censorship, gentrification, taxation or corporate consolidation. These are the basic necessities for civilization and are considered incorruptible.  
Ogden Museum of Southern Art
New Orleans, LA
The mission of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art is to broaden the knowledge, understanding, interpretation, and appreciation of the visual arts and culture of the American South through its events, permanent collections, changing exhibitions, educational programs, publications, and research.
On the Commons
Minneapolis, MN
On the Commons (OTC) is a commons movement strategy center founded in 2001. Our purpose is to activate the emergence of a commons-based society by:
On the Table
Portland/Mollala/Oregon City, OR
Sojourn Theatre’s 2010 project On the Table is a participatory performance that bridged two Oregon communities, one urban (Portland), one rural (Mollala) with the aim to shift people’s attitudes about the places where they live. The performance required the audience to participate in inter-city travel, public dialogue, video and involvement within the performance itself, including a bus trip, a wedding and a meal. The concept goes beyond metaphorical bridge building to physically move audiences across geographic boundaries.
One Day
Portland, OR
One Day was part of a year-long collaboration between Sojourn Theatre Company and visionPDX, a public engagement initiative sponsored by the Office of the Mayor of Portland that invited community members to develop a shared vision for the future of the city. The play was part multi-narrative performance, part civic dialogue. It told the story of eight fictional Portlanders (composites based on themes drawn from civic engagement research conducted by Sojourn and visionPDX) and the choices they had to make within a 24-hour-period in the city.
One Family at a Time: The Baltimore Housing Mobility Program
Short video documentary about the impact of the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program on a family living in poverty in Baltimore.
One Voice Mixed Chorus
St. Paul, MN
One Voice Mixed Chorus unites gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people and straight allies to build community and create social change by raising our voices in song. As the largest GLBT chorus in North America, One Voice is known for its musical excellence, diverse programming, and deep commitment to community outreach. The 90 singing members range from ages 17 to 75, and the "Fifth Section"; boasts more than 50 non-singing volunteers.
Open Engagement
Portland, OR
Open Engagement is a free annual conference on socially engaged art. Directed and founded by Jen Delos Reyes and planned in conjunction with the Art and Social Practice MFA program at Portland State University.
Open House
New York, NY
“Open House,” a play by Aaron Landsman and produced by The Foundry Theater in New York City, presents a personal take on urban living. The play was performed in two dozen living rooms in neighborhoods spanning the five boroughs, from a squat in Bushwick to a multimillionaire’s loft overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. Audience members interact with actors and home owners during the productions, each one different than the next.
Open Society Foundations
New York, NY
The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. To achieve this mission, the foundations seek to shape public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal, and economic systems and safeguard fundamental rights. On a local level, the Open Society Foundations implement a range of initiatives to advance justice, education, public health, and independent media. At the same time, we build alliances across borders and continents on issues such as corruption and freedom of information.
Operation: Homecoming
Operation: Homecoming is a partnership between the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the Department of Defense that makes writing an important component of rehabilitation and recovery. Starting with a writing workshop built into the critical phase of rehabilitation for troops, Operation: Homecoming is then opened up to allow family members the opportunity to also share their experiences through memoir, fiction, poetry, journal entries, and essays.
OPeX studios
Culver City, CA
OPeX studios is an architectural design company with a child centric focus on environments + products. As part of our practice we initiate public installations that serve as cultural experiments that explore alternate ways of unpacking + shaping "space." The resulting installations are educational, thought-provoking, and engaging spaces. See the Square Inches of Love project for an example.